Opera Max – Data Manager

Opera Max – Data Manager is a tool that lets you save considerably on the number of megabytes on your Android device’s data plan using a simple procedure that automatically compresses all videos and images that you see (while using 3G) to around half their size. 

Another feature of Opera Max – Data Manager is app monitoring. Thanks to this feature, users can find out at any time how much data each app installed on their Android device is consuming and can also, of course, cut off any app that is using more than its share. 

Those who have smartphones and happen to install numerous apps in it will likely to find at least one thing that pisses them off. In general cases, such thing that becomes the source of annoyance is the tendency of our smartphones to suck the mobile data inexplicably. It is unavoidable really as those apps cannot work properly without sucking mobile data. However, it does not mean that such trouble cannot be solved. There is one app that you can rely on. If you happen to need one, Opera Max latest APK 3.4.110 (341100000) is what you need.

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Opera Max File Information

Developer: Max apps
Version: 3.4.110 (341100000)
File size: 10.7 MB
Uploaded: September 4, 2018 at 10:47AM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 4.4 and up
MD5: 3a19580cc2c079045ee3e6fb3c6986e1
SHA1: dc9e72d23e763de1466dbc3eb7ab163f9b01fbe1

Download Opera Max APK 3.4.110

Download APK File (10.7 MB)Install from Google Play Store 

Opera Max review

As stated before, this app can do the job of suppressing the amount of mobile data used in your smartphone. Until now, you probably cannot do much on doing such thing. Even if you can, all you can do is just turning off the mobile data on your smartphone. In addition, another choice you have is setting the smartphone in airplane mode which makes it unable to receive anything, even message or phone calls. With such feature, you will need not turn off your mobile data or even set it on airplane mode, making you unable to do anything with smartphone.

As the app which can suppress the data usage in your smartphone, Opera Max can find the main source of the real problem. In this case, such main source is image loading process. For many people, such process is unavoidable for several apps you have come to know cannot work at all without loading images in it. Fear not, you can still use such apps without using and draining up the mobile data in a one go. Besides such thing, you can set the app to suppress which apps you want to reduce the data usage of.

However, suppressing the apps and image loading process does definitely come with some trade off with them. The images this app suppresses will be downloaded in such low resolution which can of another pesky trouble you have. For some people, downloading such low resolution image and even video is not what they would expect to get from this app. If you thought that you can minimize such trouble, you are wrong. There is no way possible you can do to increase the resolution of downloaded image and video besides setting the app off and turn back to usual mode relied on mobile data.


  • It saves data usage.


  • As consequence, you only get low resolution video and image.

How to Use the App

It is easy to operate Opera Max for Android once you have downloaded it. When you have done the downloading, you need to choose which mode you want to suppress; mobile data or Wi-Fi. When you have done it, all usage in such mode will be limited to minimum, If you want to get deeper, you can choose which apps which data usage you want to limit. Pick app management and choose the apps you want to limit. Then, you will have such limited data usage in your smartphone.


  • Stability and security fixes and improvements

The combination of these two features (video compression and app monitoring) lets you not only watch loads of YouTube videos using 3G, but also control your device’s data usage so that you never run out before the end of the month. 

Opera Max – Data Manager is an excellent data control tool that makes it so you’ll never be left hanging without 3G at the end of the month.

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